About us

label founder

Lilas is a fine handbag brand from Austria and was launched by Lisa Stegfellner in 2014. We are driven by passion for outstanding craftmanship and original, contemporary design.

Each bag is handmade and produced in our workshop in Austria. The careful technical implementation and a well-thought-out design of form, detail and function are very important to us in all design projects. Collections are created in time-intensive development phases and do not arise in the seasonal change, but according to the rhythms of the respective product development. We invest a great deal of time in development and manufacturing, in material research and selection.

For us, product design means putting our passion, heart and soul, and intuition into conceptualising a product. It means to re-think, refine, change and improve product idea consequently and to re-work it extensively in prototyping process until hand and head combine to create a compelling product concept that can be implemented in a technically sophisticated way..

LILAS stands for modern, balanced and elegant design with a strong sensual character, hand-picked materials and precise craftsmanship. The core elements of our visual expression are a clear, geometric design combined with an organic style approach that results in gently curved lines and an elaborately handcrafted finish. Despite the predominantly puristic draft concept, the design style includes playful and imaginative elements within distinguished functional details. The overall result is a minimalistic and at the same time subtle but fancy visual language that is present in a smart and discreet way. The special nature of the materials used - the noble, smooth-mat and fine surface of the leather in classically elegant colors -underlines the timeless character of the product design.