Collection P. 117

P. 117: The Collection

P.117 is a collection with minimalistic visual imagery and pronounced styling.The classic colour scheme in plain black or clear white highlights the particular composition in shaping and form of the classically understated product design and creates a puristic, sensual overall impression. At the same time, the collection is characterised by details in design and function which are painstakingly hand crafted and which subtly enhance the product line’s expressiveness. The design concept is primarily quiet, harmonious and plays with both hard and soft geometric shapes as well as with sporadic pattern breaks. Visually, the predominantly puristic product line finds a balanced mix between casual extravagance and grounded expression thanks to characteristic details.

<img src="pathamos1b-fg.jpg" alt="satchel tasche schwarz lilas" />
<img src="satchel1.jpg" alt="mittelgrosse ledertasche lilas" />
<img src="loewe1-fg2.jpg" alt="kleine handtasche lilas" />

<img src="round8.jpg" alt="kleine handtasche lilas" />
<img src="fledermaus1_1.jpg" alt="schultertasche leder lilas" />
<img src="coquimbo-fg.jpg" alt="oversized tasche leder lilas" />

<img src="lapis-fg-farbe2.jpg" alt="schultertasche leder lilas" />
<img src="innentaschen_duo.jpg" alt="innentasche mobil lilas" />

P.117 is a handcrafted product line. Each handbag requires a large variety of manual tasks and is created as a quality product. The name of the collection - P.117 - is deliberately simple and relates to the puristic imagery of the individual pieces. In addition, P stands for piel, span. leather skin, and refers to the origin of the Spanish suppliers from whom lilas gets its leather. LILAS works with high-quality materials from traditional European manufacturers and tanneries. We use mainly cowhide from Spain.

P. 117 is the Basic leather bags collection by Lilas and a kind of "work-in-progress"- project. The collection is in constant development. The Homepage shows the current work, and thus a selection of the offer.